40 Years of Caring for Homeless Young People

Has Taken it’s Toll

To belong, to be safe, to achieve, to have self-esteem, to be fulfilled: that’s our vision for every young person today. 

City YMCA London provide a range of services designed by and for young people to aid their progression in today's and tomorrow’s society.  

Our holistic approach covers young people aged 12 to 25 where 25% have left care and 15% run-away from home. The rest are either deemed at-risk from their parents, are trying to divert from crime or have fallen upon hard times.

We’ve been working with at-risk young people for the last forty years. We have housed over 10,000 young people and enabled another 20,000 to become meaningfully engaged though our detached youth work.

But 40 years of wear and tear by at-risk young people means that our building is no longer fit for purpose. With 82% of the funding in place, and with your help, City YMCA London can be on track to build a new 146 bed home by early 2020. 

We are asking you to stand with our founding partners in making a donation to fund the costs of building a new bedroom for London’s homeless young people. 

With your support each room will see 80 young people out of homelessness and back on their feet over the next six generations!

Our existing hostel is worn out. 

A new HOME is the best chance for 10,000 young people. 

For many years the Errol Street hostel has met the needs of London’s at-risk young people. But no more. Designed in the 1970's it has an institutional feel that's not suitable for today's approach to caring for young people.

Small bedrooms, limited and shared shower facilities, limited disability access and the lack of individual catering arrangements all restrict the ability of young people to establish some measure of self-dependence. Failing boilers, sewage pipes, a lack of toilet capacity and worn out facilities significantly restrict our on-going viability. 

Supporting a young person's transition to independent living allows them to take responsibility for their own living arrangements and welfare. 

The redevelopment of the site has been agreed as the only viable option. The new building will ensure the best chance for 10,000 at-risk young people over the next six generations. Our inspirational design, shortlisted for a Housing Design Award, will give a home that young people can be proud to be a part of. 

Our vision is for a home that will provide a greater sense of belonging and make a stronger contribution to the local community. 

The issue of youth homelessness

Homelessness brings with it a range of issues, such as poorer mental and physical health, with 27% of homeless young people being diagnosed with a mental health condition, compared with 7% of homed young people.  Additionally almost a half of homeless young people experience depression, almost double that of their counterparts. 

In the absence of a stable living environment homeless young people find it difficult to continue in education or find employment, making them particularly vulnerable and unable to move forward with their lives. They are more likely to have alcohol and drug problems, more likely to self-harm, more likely to use emergency health services and face considerable barriers in accessing the care they need.  

Despite their traumatic background, City YMCA London has found that at-risk young people still nurture strong aspirations and ideals. They still have a vision for what they want to do. They still have a need to be heard, to belong and be healthy. And they still feel the need to contribute to their community. 

We know that within the right care, support and encouragement, homeless young people are able to achieve so much more. 

The cost of the development

The complete redevelopment of the site will cost £19.4m including all the costs of securing planning permission, the construction costs themselves, party wall agreements and licenses and the costs of managing the project by our management team. the project consumes a significant amount of time for our Chief Executive, Director of Finance and Business and Director of Operations whose costs we have included in the project budget for the duration of the development. 

In all £19.4m will be invested into creating this new asset of which 82% of the income has already been secured. We need your help to reach our target and we still need to rise £3.5m to complete the project.  

That’s why we need your help today.  Whatever you give will help homeless young people thrive.

New facilities. 

New Services. 

A greater impact for London.

OUTPUTS: The new home will deliver:  

  • 146 new ensuite bedrooms
  • 87 new alternative accommodation rooms during the redevelopment period 
  • New model of housing support
  • Health & Wholeness centre in the basement with gym and studio spaces and sexual advice clinic
  • New social and community spaces
  • 2 trading units establishing new social enterprise initiatives
  • Construction apprenticeship programme
  • Employment training in customer service, gym management, personal trainer qualifications, retail management and business management
  • Charity administration and marketing apprenticeships
  • BREEAM Excellent construction with full environmental sustainability 

OUTCOMES: London's homeless young people will: 

  • Develop aspirations, a voice and interpersonal skills
  • Increased emotional literacy, self-worth and the confidence to live independently
  • Greater responsibility for their actions
  • Move out of poverty
  • Develop self-care, living skills and a healthy lifestyle
  • Acquire social skills to create heathy family relationships
  • Open doors to employment through education and training

IMPACT: For London that means:

  • 10,000 young lives taken out of homelessness
  • Reduced crime and public nuisance disorder levels
  • Increased active citizenship by young people in the community  
  • Increased community cohesion

The Ground Floor

A Typical Floor Plan

Health & WellBeing Centre

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