John Lewis Partnership (Victoria) Charity of the Year

Volunteering and Fundraising to benefit homeless young Londoners 2019-2021

Six people from the John Lewis Partnership Victoria Office are running the London Marathon this April to raise money for homeless young people through our Charity of the Year, City YMCA London. 

They would all welcome your support, or you can make a gift and support them as a collective. Whatever you can give will help support young people experiencing homelessness, giving them the opportunity to create a future of their own choosing.

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Sleeping rough is no joke. The through of having no front door key, no place to return home at the end of the day, of having to wander the streets and try to find somewhere to sleep is daunting - and even more so if you’re own parents have just thrown you our of your own home. 

Once a year City YMCA London organise a Sleep Out allowing our friends and partners to get a small feeling of how it feels to sleep on a London pavement. This year will our new LandAid house due to open in April 2020 we have a unique, one-off opportunity to sleep in the new building. Usually there are now free beds available to do this so this opportunity will never happen again at LandAid House.

So please join us. 

You’ll still be sleeping on a floor with cardboard boxes, so no beds and no comforts, albeit you’ll be in a building this time. But the experience of staying in a new building that is soon to be home to 146 homeless young people will stay with you forever.

REGISTER HERE to SleepIn with us for one incredible all-nighter on the 12th March 2020

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