Email to stakeholders, 21 September 2020

Dear friends

Tarling Road Community Hub - New Centre Manager

Many of you will have met Octavia Findlay, who has been leading on the initial project mobilisation plans for City YMCA London. City YMCA was awarded the management contract for Tarling Road Community Hub in 2020. It is my pleasure to say thank Octavia and to take over the reins. I started this month as your new Centre Manager and I look forward to working in partnership over the coming years.

I have worked in this part of East Finchley for several years, including working with the local authority. I am already familiar to many people in this area and am well placed to take responsibility for the overall delivery of managing our innovative community hub in this area. 

Over the coming months I will be reaching out both to you and potential new partners, with a view to improving facilities and identifying new opportunities for the local community. We really want to ensure that the Hub here is a vibrant, well-managed and sustainable facility that makes a real difference to the lives of local residents.

The Tarling Road Community Hub is an exciting new project for City YMCA London. We already operate across a number of sites in north and east London. Our aim is to help communities build a future of their choosing. We have a specialism in creating safe spaces for vulnerable young people; in particular that means we have an expertise of listening to people and helping them thrive. 

Our vision is that this hub becomes the heart of the community, providing a secure, culturally diverse and accessible space that is valued by locals. We will actively promote activities that enhance opportunities. We will embrace activities that make lives better through education, training, wellbeing, employment, social inclusion, culture and recreation. 

I look forward to speaking to you over the coming months to discuss the part you can play in making that vision a reality.

Kind regards

Jon Woolfson

Centre Manager

YMCA Tarling Road Community Hub | 20 Fallows Close, London N2 8LG

e. tarlingroad@cityymca.org  | t. 020 7018 6560

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